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The Greater Mekong Subregion


Hua Hin summit to discuss crisis

8 March 2010: Sandbars protrude here and there as the Mekong River courses past Thailand. To the naked eye, it's the driest season in decades, villagers say. Together with activists, they point the finger at China, as the current has ebbed after the completion of three dams upstream in 2008. Read more

Climate change threatens many in Mekong region

5 October 2009: Changing weather patterns and rising seas are already affecting many people in Southeast Asia's Greater Mekong Basin and climate change threatens the livelihoods of millions more, a report released on Monday shows. Read more

Mekong countries need to ready themselves for climate impacts

2 October 2009: The Greater Mekong region is already strongly affected by climate change and a lack of immediate action will come at great cost to the region, states a new WWF report released during the UN climate change talks in Bangkok. Read more

New Mekong species at risk from climate change

25 September 2009: Scientists discovered 163 new species in Southeast Asia's Greater Mekong region last year, but all are at risk of extinction due to climate change, the WWF said in a report released Friday. Read more

Greater Mekong Climate Change Adaptation Agreement: A World’s First in the Making …

07 August 2009: Asia’s first climate change adaptation agreement was the focus of a recent meeting held in Bangkok, convened on July 22 by WWF Greater Mekong Programme, the United Nations Environment Programme and the Swedish Environmental Secretariat for Asia. Read more

Damming the Mekong

22 June 2009: China is building a series of dams that will restrict the natural flow of the Mekong and threaten the sustenance of tens of millions of Southeast Asians. Read more